Syria & Olive Oil


The Average production of Olive Oil in Syria for the past 10 years is 120,000 Metric Tonns/annum. Syria is always in the top 10 producers worldwide. It used to rank 4th worldwide, now it is 8th .  Olive plantation in Syria is More than 600’000ha, with the number of olive trees exceeding 90mn trees.

Olive oil production in MT for the top Olive oil producers including Syria.

Olive varieties best suited for olive oil production: There are over 135 species for this purpose, the best are:

    1. Frantoio
    2. Arbequina
    3. Arbosana
    4. Koroneiki
    5. Maurino
    6. Leccio del Corno

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The City of Serjella

The forgotten cities of Syria are sprinkled throughout the country between Aleppo and Idlib – like treasures of ancient civilizations. The jewel of Serjella shines particularly bright as it is the best preserved and the most beautiful of all.

Arising in a natural basin at the bottom of the Eastern slope of the Riha Mountain, the city prospered largely from cultivating olives and producing olive oil, which was exported to all Europe. Relics have been found attesting that the city of Serjella was built around the 5th century AD.

Strewn across the city, lies the remains of churches, tombs, Roman baths, and villas. However, it is the olive mills that capture the fascination of this eternal city.

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