We can supply our clients with any desired bulk quantity

Our Laboratory

Purchased oil is tested in our laboratory to ensure it meets our quality standards. Our lab is equipped with advanced testing equipment using state of the art technology such as gas chromatography, spectrophotometry and others to ensure accurate reliable results.

Our Filling Lines

Our Storage Capacity

We have a 2200+ storage capacity in stainless steel, moreover, and to ensure quality preservation, oil is stored under a blanket of inert nitrogen that prevents oxidation and quality deterioration.

Our olive oil can be purchased in bulk or as pre-packed products. We offer our pre-packed oil under SERJELLA and other brand names.

We also provide to our clients the possibility for white labeling where they can fill the oil under their own brand names, using personalised bottles or tin cans.

Our Quality Guarantee

Quality is the main guideline of our daily work.

NEOP is committed to standing firm against deception and misinformation. Therefore, the QC/QA team has placed a strict protocol with clear and systematic procedures to ensure top quality products. This starts from raw oil reception up to the delivery of the final product. To crown this commitment, NEOP has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certificates and continues to update them as needed.

During our quality control process, olive oil is checked five times at different stages:

  • All received shipments are stored by batch. A sample is taken from each batch and is sent to the laboratory for testing and evaluation.
  • Once tested and approved, the oil is continuously monitored while stored.
  • Our laboratory then prepares every batch before sending it to filtration, making sure it matches the required taste criteria and chemical specifications.
  • Once filtration has been completed, the oil is checked again to ensure that no alteration has occurred during the filtration process.
  • Before delivery, we undertake a final check to guarantee the quality of the final product (oil, packaging, and other customer requirements).
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